April 24 Update

The ice left on the 17th and the lake is being travelled again for another season. Just be aware of the floating docks, picnic tables(two spotted so far!) logs, etc. that are on the waterways. It has been a busy week and the weather was terrible off the start but has definitely improved for the weekend. No bugs yet, so hurry up and do your raking now before they start. Most of the roads are drying out quite well but some of the shaded areas on less traveled lanes are still a little soft. As a constant reminder please remember to let Sally know when you need the boat. The two week rule is definitely in force now as the lists are filling fast! Also, if you don’t receive a reply within 48 hours that means we didn’t get the message so retry. If you don’t receive a response that means you are not on the list!!!! Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing everyone’s smiling faces over the next few weekends. Actually, our parking lot is filling up quite well this afternoon with lots of people back up for the first time and heading to the places of cottaging bliss!


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