April 2 Update

April showers bring May flowers! If the weather person is right for the next couple of days we should have lots of flowers!! The forecast is looking warm for the weekend but back to April next week. It has been nice enjoying the warm temps. but alas it is April and the weather will change daily. Snow in the forecast for the early part of the week to help keep the ice in for a few more days. The water level is rising quickly and the ice is starting to change colour. I would think the ice will probably hang around for a while yet and start thinking about it’s normal migration south in roughly 14-17 days. Don’t quote me on this because the weather person changes the rules far faster than I can keep up! It should go without saying but just in case, THE ICE IS UNSAFE FOR TRAVEL!!!(unless you have an airboat!) As per the official LGM rules if you would like your boat by a certain date,(two weeks notice required and Sally’s acknowledgement to your request received!) the toy will be back in action. If you don’t receive a reply to your email request within 48 hours then we didn’t receive it so please try again! I have to apologize for the website troubles as of late. Our provider and a number of others in the last few days had some serious issues with something that might as well be martian language to me but hopefully we are up and going now. Our website was playing hide and seek for the last couple of weeks but I am told the game is over now and with just a couple of minor issues to sort out we should be playing “I spy” for a long time to come. The sales and cottage rental links are being worked on now to restore them asap. Have a great weekend, keep your puck on the “shore” and we’ll be back soon.


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