Feb 19 Update

The snow has arrived again. We haven’t received a ton of snow but at least enough to cover the ice and let the sleds start rolling again. I ran in to some groomers this afternoon so they are out trying to pack down what we have before the wind blows it away. The lake is drifted but at least there is enough snow to lubricate sliders. The lake level started coming up this week and has shoved some ice up on shore in spots. There is some limited flooding around some of the shorelines on top of the ice but tonight’s temps should take care of that. It shouldn’t be hard to shovel off a rink with the snow being so fluffy this weekend to get some games of hockey going! It was great to see so many people up enjoying the long weekend and the weather. This weekend’s weather isn’t looking too bad either for those that are feeling the urge to come up and enjoy the quieter side of the cottage(albeit a touch cooler) It seemed that there was alot of towables behind four wheelers last weekend enjoying the harder side of the lake. Enjoy the rest of the week.


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