Feb 2 Update

Back again, after a short time away. Sorry for the down time but we managed to sneak away to a warmer spot for a few days and now back to the reality of the good ol’ north. The weather hasn’t been too bad around here for the last while other than the snow just keeps piling up. There are a number of roofs that are getting quite deep with snow in the area. Some of the cottages out in the open are doing fine but the protected ones are sure holding their snow. I am starting to think that shovel thing is a permanent part of our arms as of late!! There has been no rest for the guys plowing around here this winter. The snowmobile conditions are fabulous with the exception of last weeks snow load starting to make the lakes quite slushy. On close inspection today the slush is probably over a foot deep in alot of places. Hopefully, the cool temps promised for the latter part of the week will freeze this back up again. The groomers have been out doing a great job and the trails are holding up quite well considering the large volumes of traffic that are out enjoying them. The long range forecast is looking like it will be a great weekend with warm temps and some more snow! This won’t help for building rinks but will certainly make all the rest of the winter activities look good to be out enjoying! The folks at Anstruther Marina have been enjoying a great turn out each weekend for the great food they are serving up. Our community center is also open for soup and sandwiches on Saturdays and Sundays as well. They are open from 11-3 to feed the hungry sledders etc. in the area. We will be closed on Mon. February the 16th for Family Day so mark that on your calenders if you happen to be up and in the area. Have a great week and as always back again later!


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