Jan 8 Update

Snow and more snow. The trails are officially opened as of yesterday! First hand experience says that they are not too bad. They have for the most part been groomed and as of tonight they look pretty good. I can’t say what they will look like after tomorrow and everyone gets out and enjoys them! From some sources that have been on the lakes there is a minimum of 3 inches to a maximum of 10 on the main lakes. I don’t know if that is enough for me but nonetheless they are starting to travel the lakes by sled now. Any of the traditional flow areas i.e. any of the narrow spots are still open!!! There still seems to be alot of water flowing from the thaw a week or so ago. From what the birds are saying there is a couple of pressure cracks on Catchacoma that one must be aware of as well. The lake level is rising and shoving some ice up on to the shores in spots. For those that are venturing up, the folks at Anstruther Marina have opened up a Restaurant to feed the hungry folks that don’t feel like cooking on the weekends. They are open Fri.3-8 and Saturday/Sunday 8:30-8:00. Their menu looks pretty appetizing and maybe I could be tricked in to taking Leah away from the stove to try some of their yummies! They also have a great view from the restaurant overlooking the lake! We hope everyone is enjoying the New Year so far. Remember, the Toronto Boat Show opens this weekend so if you can’t make it North you can go downtown and look at the toys that will be shoving the ice away in the spring to enjoy the softer side of the lakes! We are now open 7 days a week again from 9-4 until Mother Nature closes the trails. Just when we were starting to enjoy that day of rest, ol’ man winter decided we were to get back to the game to keep the fun in winter!! Have a great weekend and enjoy the weather whatever you may get up to. Bye for now!


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